Soul space


Feel the sun’s rays on your skin, soak up the scent of fresh flowers. Let your gaze wander into infinity, send your thoughts even further away. Watching barely visible waves, listening carefully to your own heartbeat. Give the body time out and give the soul space to find itself again.

Our lives are becoming faster and more stressful, exciting and entertaining. It tempts us to not want to miss anything and in doing so we miss life itself. We forget what it means to be with ourselves, we postpone consciously experiencing moments until later. We don’t know what it means to relax, or what it feels like to enjoy. Pleasure and relaxation mean time, time that many of us pretend not to have. In the process, we miss out on power-giving moments and forget to understand our body, our heart.

Let this oasis of fine art inspire us to stop our own universe for a moment while the big wide world keeps spinning. Let us be enchanted by a magical atmosphere and carried away into daydreams where the clocks tick slower. Let’s allow our everyday life to slow down while we sink into a completely detached world of images by Jacob von Brumley & Wells.





PHOTOGRAPHER Brumley & Wells Photography
FLORALS Katie Murphy of Bloom 52


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