Feeling rays of sunshine on the skin, inhaling the scent of fresh flowers. Allowing the gaze to drift into infinity, sending the thoughts even further out into space.Observing hardly visible waves, listening attentively to one’s own heartbeat. Giving the body some time out and gifting the soul some space to find itself again.

Our lives are becoming faster and more stressful, more exciting and more fleeting.This leads to a fear of missing out, which in turn causes us to miss out on life itself.We forget what it means to be grounded in ourselves, we postpone consciously experiencing the moment. We don’t know what it means to relax or what it feels like to truly enjoy.Pleasure and relaxation mean time; time that many of us claim not to have. And so we miss out on powerful moments and lose the ability to understand our body, our heart.

Let us be inspired by this oasis of fine art to halt our own universe for just a moment, while the big world out there continues turning. Let us be enchanted by a magical mood and allow daydreams to carry us off into a realm where the clocks are slower. Let us permit our everyday lives to slow down while we delve into a world of entirely free-floating images of Brumley & Wells.




PHOTOGRAPHER Brumley & Wells Photography
FLORALS Katie Murphy of Bloom 52