Fragil and Ethereal Coast Elopement


What began far below the surface of the sea is now carried to shore by the ocean. This young couple is too beautiful, their growing love too precious to be trapped in the dark of the depths forever. Selflessly, the ocean shares its precious treasure with the awed rest of the world that lies gratefully at its feet. In a close embrace they reach the shore and are left to their own devices from here on out.

Rough rocks instead of soft waves, solid ground instead of weightless freedom, pale blossoms instead of colourful corals. Their new home has little in common with their old one. But suddenly large stones sparkle like little salt crystals, gentle reams of fabric blow in the wind like graceful fish in the sea, just to make saying goodbye a little easier for them. And should their longing be too great one day, a single glance into the other’s eyes will suffice to sink into the fascinating blue of the endless ocean.

The courageous couple bows to its destiny. Together, they want to start their new life. Today, if possible, right here, right now. This requires a wedding ceremony, maritime and intimate, focused on the essential. Her pale skin becomes the measure of all things, the meaningful colour of a fresh start. The sheer dress of Jennifer Gifford Designs, the creative styling of Simple Style Co., the delicate flower adornments in her hair and the opulent bridal bouquet do not dare to shine in any other colour.

The table is set, the beach is ready. The gushing of the waves plays a familiar melody, causing the couple to cast one last glance into their past like the washed-out blues of the paper accessories. They have taken the big step, have exchanged their significant vows. Now it begins, their life on land…

We are completely smitten with the artful pictures shot by Lilli Kad Photography.



PHOTOGRAPHY Lilli Kad Photography
EVENT STYLING Simple Style Co.
WEDDING DRESS Jennifer Gifford Designs
MAKE-UP Calleja Artistry
HAIR Sass and Niki Hair Design
CALLIGRAPHY Cass Deller Design
CERAMICS Wendy Britton
RIBBON Songbird Silk
JEWELLERY To Hold & to Have 
MODELS: Yani & Ben









Lilli Kad Photography



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