A life as a work of art


Frida Kahlo. The tormented. Drawn by life. Until she came to the idea of drawing the life around her herself.

Always in quest of her great love, the painter Diego Rivera, who humiliated her, betrayed her and was able to win her again. An extraordinary woman, seemingly born again in the pictures of Tanja Wesel – tausendschön photographie.

A breathtaking crown of flowers from Lily Deluxe Blumen adorns the model’s hair. There are exotic flowers in dazzling hues of red, but also green and yellow embellishments. Her iconic eyebrows stand out strikingly. Her gaze is confident and confrontational.

Embedded in green reeds, every single color stands out: the white knitted dress and the necklace of wooden beads form a contrast to her life as an adventurer.

Frida in an enchanting dress from  Victoria Rüsche is lying in a meadow. A majestic headdress is surrounded by white flowers. A blue-green peacock and two small budgies fly away above her. Frida closes her eyes. Her gold creole earrings dance to a melody in the wind.

She holds a flower in her hand, like a symbol for the things she has been searching for her whole life. Now she’s holding a cigarette. The smoke courts her eyes and her face.

After the break, she returns to the work of art. The cigar has now become a paintbrush. Maybe she is not thinking about Rivera right now, but about her masterpiece. More colorful than all the flowers together, an invitation is in the bushes.

Let the raucous celebrations begin.

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante, Translation: Charlotte Spencer-Smith


frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0001 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0002 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0003 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0004 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0004a frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0007 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0008 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0009 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0010 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0012 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0013 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0013a frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0014 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0015 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0015a frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0016 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0017 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0018 frida-kahlo-inspirationsshooting_0019


PHOTOGRAPHY: Tanja Wesel – tausendschön photographie
IDEA + CONCEPT: Tanja Wesel – tausendschön photographie + Victoria Rüsche
DRESS: Victoria Rüsche (designs from Anna Kara + Lambert Créations)
MAKE-UP: Katharina Eppendorf
FLORAL DESIGN: Lily Deluxe Blumen
ACCESSOIRES: shopandmarry + DIY
MODEL: Lani Marie Döhring



tanjawesel-klein victoriaruesche-klein







tausendschön photographie     Victoria Rüsche


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