Getaway in Tuscany


 „Let’s go somewhere,“ he whispers into her ear one morning.
„Where?“ She has just woken up.
„I want to surprise you.“

And before long, the bags are packed. In just a few hours, they will reach Tuscany. And nobody will know they are here.

The take a room in a small inn on a hill. It is the first one they come across on the way into the vineyards. They want to deepen their bond this weekend, without leaving the house. At least not right now.

A hot bath in the tub, a romantic waltz across the carpet. Their laughter is so soft, it is almost inaudible to them. Italian coffee strokes their souls, while he reads her lines of Dante from a book he finds in the olden wooden closet in their room. A little later, they are sitting on the bed, in a deep and intimate embrace. The curtains aren’t drawn so the sun shines on their uncovered bodies.

In front of the old farmhouse, a little pranzo is waiting for them, a lunch they enjoy far too late on this particular day. After all, adventure means casting aside all plans. Fresh white bread, bittersweet marmalade, surrounded by white flowers in a small vase: everything they need in addition to their love is here.

In the afternoon, on a walk through the forest – just as the sun is shining onto the tip of her nose – he asks her if this could be the start of their life together. Enchanted she answers: „It has already begun.“

This wonderful work of art was created by Honey And Cinnamon Wed and a fantastic team and captured and eternalized by Donny Zavala.




PHOTOGRAPHER + WORKSHOP: Donny Zavala Photography
ASSISTANT: Riccardo Delfanti Photography
VENUE: Castello di Potentino
STYLIST: Honey And Cinnamon Wed
LINGERIE: Melinda Rose Design
FLORALS: Isa Events
TABLE RUNNER + RIBBON: Silk and Willow
RINGS: Michaela Römer
MUGS + PLATES: Ceramiche Bucci
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Stella Mongodi
MEN’S SUIT: Agnetti Boutique
MODELS: Emma + Zeno with 4uppermodels
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints










     Michaela Römer


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