History, culture and Southern flair combined with style, taste and glamour turn wedding venue Florence into a very special insider´s tip for unique destination weddings. With the last of it´s strength the warm autumn sun bathes the city in golden light, letting houses and bridges seem like painted…

„Golden and warm pastel shades are very much the color palette Florence center puts on during warm October days. Fall in Florence, is all about enjoying this amazing city and discovering hidden and authentic places – the perfect wedding destination in Europe,“ photographer Slava Mishura’s team told us.

Inside the houses it doesn´t seem less elegant and glamorous. Soft shades lead us from the entrance over the saloon to the spacious gardens, continuing in selected paper goods, delicious cakes and scented flowers.

We meet a bridal couple in the morning of their wedding day. Totally eased and living the moment. It´s all about being together, experiencing time together and looking forward to what may come together.

The glance of the past, the charm of history and the splendor of bygone days are omnipresent, experiencing youthful freshness and artful modernity through the enamored couple. Harmonically united as if it has never been different…

This perfect master piece created by the stylists of Natalia Sorokin-Music and Chiara Sperti Floral Events is her homage to this incredible city and it’s unique culture, captured and eternalized by Slava Mishura.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




DESIGN: Chiara Sperti Floral Events
STYLIST: Natalia Sorokina-Music
DRESS: Mywoni
SUIT: Sartoria Vanni
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Andrea Gennaro
CAKE: Pasticceria Miele
SHOES: Mascia Mandolesi
GLASSWARE: Zafferano
RENTALS: Antichità Guglielmo P isana
VENUE: AdAstra Hotel
FIML LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
MODELS: Alla Skladana +Leonardo Stoppioni


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