Glamorous wedding in “Fernblick


Far away from mainstream, but all the closer to Vienna and Graz, you can soon celebrate your wedding in the “Fernblick“!

With a bang in the form of their own wedding, Andreas Wessely and Michael Niederer, owners and operators of the unique Villa Antoinette in Semmering, will open their new location jewel Fernblick in St. Corona am Wechsel in late summer 2019.

Even though there are only a few kilometers between the two superlative wedding and event locations, stylistically they are separated by several decades. While Villa Antoinette immerses us in the 1920s with its charming charm, Fernblick catapults us into the glitzy and glamorous 60s.

To show the world how spectacular and unforgettable weddings, celebrations and meetings can be in the future, the Who’s Who of the Austrian wedding industry recently came together in the “Fernblick” showroom of St. Corona Interiors to create an inspiring fireworks display of colors, shapes and patterns.

The foundation stone was laid by Bibi Kuntner from Fernblick with her successful concept, which was to stylishly stage this memorable location. A concept that has been implemented with attention to detail and perfection in every respect.

For example, from the internationally successful designer Eva Poleschinski, who provided the most unusual and at the same time most fitting models from her usual extravagant selection of dresses for this styled shoot.

Or from the great Helga Herz of Herz & Co, who inspires us with her high-quality letterpress stationery that we all love so much.

This found its prominent place on the exclusive table setting by Martina Lillie of Albin Denk, which gave the colorful and lovingly decorated table a touch of royal splendor.

The small and large works of art by Sophie Stolzes of Cakeporn by Stolzes also appear regal to us, always in the right place at the right time to put a crown on special motifs.

Motifs that no one could have captured better than the fantastic photographers of A Twist of Lemon, Markus and Tanja Schlamadinger. With their sense of subtlety, exciting angles and the right moment, they have captured the special ambience and incomparable style of the “Fernblick” in style.

So let yourself be enchanted by the concentrated creativity and talent of all involved and look forward with us to the fantastic pictures of A Twist of Lemon and the grand opening of Fernblick in September 2019!





CONCEPT & ORGANIZATION: Birgit Kuntner – Fernblick
PHOTOGRAPHY: Markus & Tanja Schlamadinger – A Twist of Lemon
LOACTION: Showroom Fernblick – St. Corona Interiors
DRESSES: Eva Poleschinski
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Pia Bundy – Bundy & Bundy I MAC
PAPETERIE: Helga Herz – Heart & Co
CALLIGRAPHY: Natascha Safarik – Ink Fox
SWEET: Sophia Solz – Cakeporn by Stolzes
TABLE DECK: Martina Lillie – Albin Denk
SCHMUCK Lisa Heuberger – Schullin
FLOWERS: Andreas Barnesberger – Branch office
WEDDING PLANNING: Laura Schnabl – Liebesgefühlwedding
MODEL: Bianca Puchmüller


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