Goddess Of Love


Aphrodite. Emblem of femininity. Symbol of passion. Epitome of beauty. Goddess of love, queen of seduction. Sensual and desirable, at once powerful and aloof. These are the solid pillars of Greek mythology on which her story rests.

The unearthly power of the gods is reflected in the indestructible architecture that gives form to a delicate, elf-like creature. Fabric light as a feather caresses each of her curves, seemingly inspired by white doves. Beguilingly feminine, she holds on to her pure innocence.

But soon enough, she sheds the plumage and her own hesitation. She celebrates her naked skin, glorifies female assets, and abandons her body to a hot bath. Aware of her own radiance, she sets out on her quest. Until she finds someone who will succumb to her enticing allure.

A young god seems to respond to her plea. Masculine and strong, his fate is sealed that very same night. Each touch is electrifying. Every glance speaks volumes. United in passion, this marks the beginning of their joint reign. Or could this burgeoning love be star-crossed after all?

The new day casts its dark shadows on the path ahead. In sensual rapture, he desires her still. He seems addicted to her presence, intoxicated by her touch. Her turning away pains him but her change of heart allows for hope. Finally, one last kiss. They prolong their farewell, their hands touching until distance separates them. A transient moment of sensual seduction. Their paths diverge. They are fated to be alone…

Let yourself be seduced by this breathtaking variety of inspiration from Blue + Ivory and dive in the impressive world of fine art photographer Angelika Krinke.





PHOTOGRAPHY Angelika Krinke
DRESS Leanne Marshall
HAIR & MAKE-UP Martina Fay
HEADPIECES Berkiva Designs
JEWELRY Michaela Römer
CALLIGRAPHY Plume Calligraphy
MODELS Ines Balija and Antoine c/o East West Models









       Blue + Ivory                           Michaela Römer 



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