Grace, Elegance and GlamoUr at Chateau de Santeny



Majestically, with all its splendor, the Chateau de Santeny recently served as the tailor-made venue for glamorous wedding inspirations.

Romantic spires overlook the estate, while the sweeping stone steps invite us to come closer. The centuries-old castle towers imposingly out of the well-kept garden where it held its beauty sleep until today.

Our expectations of its interior are exceeded, as we find ourselves between elaborate stucco, an antique fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows that magically attract every ray of sunshine to flood the rooms even on cloudy days.

Flickering candles tell of romance, fragrant flower bouquets of timeless elegance. The table is set, the cake´s ready to get cut. Everything is waiting for the beautiful bride, who has just arrived in an stylish vintage car…

This time, photographer Whitney Heard excites us with a styled shoot, in which she brought together what obviously belongs together: grace, elegance and a touch of glamour. In Northern France she found inspiration for it as she told us: „This inspiration shoot takes place at the gorgeous Chateau De Santeny in northern France. The story behind this Chateau is pure magic, it was used as a young men’s boarding school until it was forgotten an abandoned until the new owner put in the time and love to bring the Chateau back to its original state.“

To make her visions as spectacular as possible Whitney has assembled a great team of well-known vendors of the wedding industry.

Julien from Atelier Preszburger, for example, took care of the appropriate stationery with an antique seal and historic ornaments, that left no doubt on how exclusive this wedding was.

The lovingly arranged floral details came from floral designer Minuit Sauvage who created wonderful eye-catchers.

Event stylist Cindy from Lovin Concept finally united all the high-quality elements to a stylish overall picture.

„It was a joy to work alongside these wonderful people.“ photographer Whitney Heard raves about the team. „We all focused on the soft and timeless feel of French architecture, creating an overall elegant and gentle aesthetic that flows naturally throughout the gallery. This is complemented by the gorgeous detail present in everything from the Chateau De Santeny to the beautiful wedding gown provided by Catherine Langlois.“

See for yourselves and discover these and many more wonderful details that await you in the impressive image collection of Whitney Heard.


FILM LAB: Goodman Film Lab
STYLIST & PLANNER: Lovin Concept
DRESS DESIGNER: Catherine Langlois
VENUE: Chateau de Santeny
HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Onorina Jomir
STATIONERY: Atelier Preszburger
VEIL & HAIR ADORNMENTS: Blair Nadeau Millinery
CALLIGRAPHY: Studio French Blue
TABLE TOP: Blanche Patine
MODEL: Cyrine Dufaux



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