Graceful Boho-Bride


Delicate lace, long black hair, tall grass and the strong shoulder of a white horse – that´s almost everything you need to create alluring bridal inspirations.

An unique flower crown from Jil of Kopflegenden  twines around her forehead as the bride leans faithfully towards her companion. She knows: on his side she´ll reach the goal safely.

Her goal is a new part of life, starting it with sheer lace and some naked skin. Sexy, beguiling yet graceful and elegant.

Valuable jewelry of Schmuckgefährten adorns her filigree hand, a blessed smile her exotic face. Framed by her black curls its her beautiful eyes captivating our senses.

Across meadows and fields, she follows the way to find true love in the end…

Becharmed by this young, Asian bride we´re in seventh heaven and can´t wait to share theses impressive pictures shot by Claudia Gerhard of 70Millimeter with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Claudia Gerhard of 70Millimeter 
KLEID: Seeweiss Potsdam
SCHMUCK: Schmuckgefährten
BLUMEN: Jil of Kopflegenden 
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Stella Loewnich 
MODEL: Lyly Victoria  



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