GRACEFUL BRIDAL InspirationS aT SantorinI


We all know the typical Cycladic architecture characterized by white houses with blue domes along narrow streets like on the island of Santorini, where the bride, a Greek goddess, is looking for love in the warming sunshine.

Filigree lace lays on her naked shoulders, glides barely noticeably down her back down to the smooth stone floor. Small crystals sparkle on her neckline, elaborate embroidery flatters her slim waistline.

She lets her slightly wavy hair dance freely in the light wind, her flawless face hardly needs a brush stroke. Her appearance is naturally beautiful and self-evidently lovely, like a true goddess through and through…

What may seem simple at first sight is the fascinating work of event stylist Lacy Geary, who implemented the bride´s celestial lightness to every motif.

Not only complemented the wild-looking floral arrangements by Tashi Flowers  the invitingly laid table but also the second, flowing dress, which magically merged with the enchanting details of the church.

Also the paper goods by The Little North Sea Studio, symbolize the love for simplicity. According to the motto “less is more” they paired straightness with individual curved elements.

Photographer  Vasia Han  traveled with the entire team to Santorini, from where she brought us the following great pictures.




DRESS DESIGNER: Little Pink Dress 
STATIONERY: The Little North Sea Studio 
RINGS: Susie Saltzman
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab 



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