Graceful Bridal Inspirations On The Beach


Wildly overgrown rocks break through the veil of fog, revealing the mystical bridal inspirations on the beach hidden underneath.

This place is apparently abandoned by man. However, nature flourishes here to life. Luscious green and bright white. Tons of driftwood have merged into to a work of art, similar as artful as the rugged cliffs that preserve the seclusion of this place.

As if nature has created a copy of herself in the form of a beautiful woman, a fabulous creature appears out of nowhere. Her hair is sensual red like the color of driftwood, her skin as pale as some blossoms in her bouquet and her dress as tender green as the mist-shrouded fauna that surrounds her.

Ravishing, beguiling and breathtaking – she´s the detail that turns a work of art into a masterpiece.

A masterpiece that photographer and stylist Katrina Thaxton by Kayla Jannika Photography brought us from her latest styled shoot.

With a sheer dress by Janice Concepcion and a fresh bridal bouquet by Rusted Vase Floral Co. she united colors and shapes of nature in her incomparable way within the appearance of a mystical bride.

Here Kayla Jannika Photography lets us take a look at her wonderful gallery where she compiled the most beautiful shots of this wonderful day.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING: Kayla Jannika Photography
DRESS: Janice Concepcion
MAKE-UP: Blushed by Veronica
FLORALS: Rusted Vase Floral Co.



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