Graceful bridal inspirations with modern touches



When fine art, sophisticated image quality, artistic creativity and stylish inspiration unfold into a magical symbiosis, it is a feast for our senses.

The art of crossing borders and setting new standards was also the vision of Christophe Serrano at his workshop in the south of France. Together with a creative team, he designed a work of art that focused on aesthetics and style.

The story tells of a modern bride who is in constant change during the shoot.

An interplay of emotions, architecture, light and elegance unfolds the perfectly shaped implementation of extravagance and innovative ideas. Extraordinary dress compositions by Manon Gontero play around the silhouettes of the graceful bride and symbolize a touch of couture.

The elegant finishing touches are provided by detail-loving accents, high-quality stationery by Papier June, gorgeous flowers by Julie Armani and shinning jewelry by Muriel Biraghi  – arranged in a stylish, aesthetic and minimalist way.

The penchant for perfection can also be seen in the expressive paintings by Cynthia Reinke, which reflect the Fine Art theme in such a fascinating way.




Workshop Host: Christophe Serrano
Photographer: Cynthia Reinke
Filmmaker: Emmanuel Amou
Julie Armani
Papier June
Main In Light
Assistant: Matthieu Vasquez
Muriel Biraghi
Karine Brossard
Manon Gontero
Meggie Samson

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