Graceful Bride with Mediterranean charm


With her grace the bride dignifies the ancient city reviving with Southern flair. With her beauty she arouses narrow alleys from sleep blooming with mediterranean charm.

With her dresses she points the way, wants to become one with this place at the sea. Mysterious turquois mirrors her attachment to water, playful ivory cherishes the street´s frontages, innocent white resembles the horizon´s freedom.



The turquoise blue ocean disappears in hidden bays; plain houses overlook the sea from the edge of the cliffs. Cactuses and pieces of art adorn ways and walls, big windows and small balconies characterize the cityscape.

Polignano A Mare, at the east coast of Italy, is not sparing with typical Italian clichés, yet it fulfills them very sharp and lovingly detailed.

That´s what photographer Julie Christman and event designer Molly Mckinely also realized and decided to use it as their backdrop for a very special bridal shoot.

Therefore the artists took advantage of the city´s unique atmosphere and added only some gorgeous robes by Amelia Sbisa and elegant stationery by Written Word Calligraphy.

Here photographer Julie Christman shares her wonderful images with us. Enjoy!



PHOTOGRAPHY: Julie Christman
DESIGNER + PLANNER: Molly Mckinely
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jennifer C Nieman 
RING DESIGNER: Susie Saltzman  
PAPER DESIGN: Written Word Calligraphy
HAIR PIECES + GARTER: White Orchid Bridal  
FILM LAB: The Find Lab  


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