Graceful Florence Bride


Are you up for magical bridal inspirations from Florence? Then come and float with photographer Kayla of KR Moreno over the rooftops of the fascinating city into the beautiful sunset.

It doesn´t seem like Kaylea Moreno has chosen the place randomly. Fascinated and captivated, she tells us how this outstanding shoot came about: „Florence is a magical place filled with beauty in every direction. I wanted to create bridal vignettes around this city to inspire couples and brides for their own portraits.“

We know exactly what she means when we look at the expressive shots she has brought us from the popular wedding location. The city´s diversity and versatility make it a real gem.

„It’s no wonder Florence is referred to as the Jewel of Tuscany. With its iconic landmarks and warm color palette, it is a feast for the eyes and that is why I wanted to keep the bridal details simple.“ KR Moreno explains and adds: „The vision was to let simplicity reveal the beauty of the city. We chose minimal makeup, a sleek bun and no jewelry paired with Claire Pettibone’s gorgeous gown form her most recent “Timeless” collection. The flowers of Debbie by Designs by Hemingway were kept neutral with a variety of white florals and touches of terracotta.“

Together with her hand-picked team, she wandered through the famous city, stopping wherever the motifs seemed most unique. They started in the beautiful center of the city: „We started in the heart of Florence and moved to a spot overlooking the entire city to show off multiple views and spaces.“

KR Moreno showed us a partly completely unknown, exciting side of Florence, of which we are at least as enthusiastic as she is.



Creative Direction and Photographer: KR Moreno Photography
Bridal Bouquet: Designs by Hemingway
Dress: Claire Pettibone
Hair: Frank Giacone
Make-up: Make-up Florence
Hair Pins: Noon on the Moon
Silk Ribbon: Silk and Willow
Model Agency: 4uppermodes


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