Graceful Greek Brides


Visit with us Grecian brides, on water and on land, framed by the unique architecture and unspoiled nature of the country, causing breathtaking inspirations.  

Gentle waves swirl around loose rocks, which lay at an antique building´s feet. Massive walls and secret passages tell of a long forgotten time, brought back to life by a young bride and her groom.  

Meanwhile a Greek goddess honors the impassable beach with her presence, filling the air with grace and elegance and letting her flowing dress dance with the breeze to unfold her full splendor.

In the heart of the country, there are olive groves that give love a Mediterranean frame. Unobserved, an enamoured couple exchanges familiar looks and tender kisses, in the shade of olive trees.  

With the Boheme Workshop with Vasia Photography photographer Vasia Han takes us to Greece, where she shows us and the participants of her workshop the most beautiful corners of the country.

White Ribbon Events took over the planning and organization of the extensive workshops, whose vacancies were highly sought after by wedding photographers from all over the world.  

On the set, the stylists of Spread Love Events were responsible for the detailed and styled implementation of their concept to transform each location into an oasis of wedding inspiration.

The fantastic shots of Vasia Photography are multifaceted yet authentic and very impressive, according to what the artist aimed for: simple, effortless beauty inspired by the Greeks.

You want to escape your everyday life for a moment to loose yourself in some inspirations for your wedding? Then come with us to Greece, where we dive into a sea of impressions created by Vasia Photography

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Vasia Photography
WORKSHOP: Boheme Workshop
DESIGN & STYLING: Spread Love Events
PLANNING: White Ribbon Events
GOWNS: Bo and Luca from Rituals of Love and Everly Fine Bridal
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Frantzeska Koukoula
EARRINGS: Thallo Jewelry
FLORAL DESIGN: Celsia Floral
FLORAL SUPPLIER: Monterosso Imports
SILK RIBBONS: Stella Wolfe
MODELS: New Model Greece


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