Graceful Hawaiian Bridal Inspirations


Get ready for a foaming sea that dashes against black lava rocks, a graceful bride who seems to tame the ocean, and a mystical mist that wraps this image in a fabled mood – get excited for those graceful Hawaiian bridal inspirations shot by Nguyen Takeba

We dive in and see that there´s so much more. There´s that kind of gleaming, that glow in the eyes of a delicate beauty. Her hair is loosely pinned up, single strands dance in the wind and frame her perfect face.

In misty light, her Leanne Marshall dress looks a little bit pinkish, as if it wanted to match the foamy crowns of the water and the fine sand between the rocks in lightness and fineness. Figure-hugging it nestles up to her upper body to give her legs the freedom to float over the rocks.

Only a magnificent bouquet of flowers by Designs by Hemingway accompanies her on her way to find happiness somewhere on the island of Oahu…

Spectacular nature paired with a lot of dreamy femininity were the exquisite ingredients for fine art photographer Nguyen Takeba from which she created the magical bridal inspirations she shares with us here. 




PHOTOGRAPHER: Nguyen Takeba Photography
FLORALS: Designs by Hemingway
DRESS: Leanne Marshall
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Medicine of Beauty
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
SILK RIBBON: Silk and Willow
RING: Heidi Gibson
MODEL: Anna Sachs

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