Graceful muse meets artistic sophistication



With just a breath, we are immersed in another world that unites us with perfectly formed aesthetics and artistic sophistication. We linger to be seduced. Seduced by stylish beauty, by a minimalist setting, by the splendor of floral arrangements and the uniqueness of the overall concept.

Inspired by autumn flowers, this stunning editorial by fine art photographer Geraldine Leblanc channels the vulnerability of fleeting blooms and their spectacular way of creating movement.

Using the ethereal and elegant gowns of Julia Sophie, the dancing flowers of Andrada Muller Floraldesign and the stunning accessories of Gibson Bespoke, she created a stylish aesthetic with effortless feminine details and a touch of delicacy.

The soft hue combines with the naturalness of the details to create a wonderful symbiosis.

It is always like an experience to discover the passion for photography and the joy of inspiration in the images of Geraldine Leblanc.




Photographer & concept: Geraldine Leblanc Photography
Flowers: Andrada Muller Floraldesign
Make-up Artist: Iren Reich
Jewellery & Bridal Accessories: Gibson Bespoke

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