Graceful Rose Golden Beauty


Where sweetly scented pink and gracefully shimmering gold merge into an inseparable unity, we´re about to discover unique bridal inspirations with a touch of refreshing lightness.  

Elaborate flowers wind through the silky hair of a beautiful bride, as if it was their purpose to crown her to perfection.  

Also the antique elements made of brass play a major role as they majestically present gorgeous floral arrangements.  

A harmonizing combination of yellow, cream and blush spreads the feathery charm of spring and summer, dark red, warm brown and purest white invite autumn and winter to this composition.  

Timeless and regardless of any seasons these stunning impressions convince with artful motifs that did not need much more than a graceful bride, a simple dress by Solace London and subtle, albeit radiant flower arrangements by Wilder Floral Co.

„The rosegolden coloring became the seed for new inspiration.“ Wilder Floral Co said. „With this, the myth of our angelic bride was written and everything she touched became guilded in rosegold.“

Beautiful and pale stationery of Poesie der Feder lined up seamlessly with the perfectly attuned concept and delights with delicate details.

Thanks to the great images of photographer Ashley Ludaescher we are allowed to participate in the wonderfully flourishing inspirations and dive into a fantastic sea of flowers…

Translations: Marina Jenewein




HAIR & MAKE-UP: Makeup Amanda
JEWELERY: Alexis Russell
SILKS: Silk & Willow
LINENS: Not perfect linen
CANDLES: Creative Candles
DESSERT: Negrantis
FURNITURE: Habitat Home & Garden
PAPER: Poesie der Feder
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints



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