Grande Amore at Lake Como


With lots of Grande Amore and Old World charm photographer Alexander Herlinski takes us on a magical journey to Italy, where time seems to stand still.  

Dark wood adorns walls and floors, antique chandeliers shimmer gracefully golden. Elegant upholstered furniture gives us an idea of its true age and sealed stationery reveals its content. They all tell a story of the past century, the story of a very big love.  

The story begins behind the walls of Villa Trivulzio, a magnificent mansion with sumptuous apartments and a historic garden, plenty of room for undisturbed moments of togetherness between lovers.  

Such as a little peck in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the glow of the warming sun, a yearning look under the historic stone arch, shy hand-holding while walking around the ancient fountain.  

This story finds its continuation on the picturesque Lake Como, surrounded by mountain ranges and covered by mysterious clouds, that seem to protect the couple from prying eyes…

And yet the stunning bridal couple was not alone at this idyllic place. They were surrounded by dedicated photographers like Alexander Herlinski, who participated in this incredibly stylish workshop by Duet Friday & ml wedding studio

With his sensitivity for the right moment and love for details he caught theentire artwork just as impressive as the fine details of Bloom Ministry and Nea Bridal Milan.  





PHOTOGRAPHY: Alexander Herlinski
FILM SCAN: Carmencita Lab
ORGANIZATION: Duet Friday & ml wedding studio
LOCATION: Villa Trivulzio
FLORALS: Bloom Ministry
DRESSES: Vira Lilium
SUIT: Historia Menswear
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Maxi Stylist
STATIONERY: Yulia Kostrominaa



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