Thrill Of Anticipation For The Feast Of Love


A cool breeze blows over woods and meadows filling the air with the scent of fall. Nature slowly calms down and soft melancholia spreads out. Resting on single blades of grass and every treetop in the forest seesawing lethargically in the wind.

While lush green turns into barren shades of brown and grey a new melody of colors sounds: it´s the future bridal couple fueling their anticipation for the upcoming wedding with this lovely engagement shoot with photographer Vicky Baumann who sent this young love through the woods to contrast with its barred nature.

Nature is about to fall into a deep sleep yet true love stays awake to walk dormant fields. Just like Greta and Leo did. Greta in an airy dress by I am yours with some last bright flowers of fall in her hands.

Thistles, dark leafage and purple blossoms became a gorgeous bridal bouquet by Floralie that made her personified nature.

Side by side, hand in hand they burst the silent sadness of this ever changing forest leaving some pleasant anticipation for the upcoming spring behind.





FOTOGRAFIE: Vicky Baumann
KLEID: I am yours
BLUMEN: Floralie



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