Groom´s Getting Ready


No perfume but high-quality beard oil, no Champagne but a hot sip of coffee, no hassle but cuddling with the sweet dog – a groom´s getting ready has apparently nothing to do with the one of a bride. Or does it?

He, too, is aware of the importance of this morning. He knows this day will be special and one of a kind. And yet he wants to start it after his fancy: calm, relaxed and quiet. Yet his thoughts keep coming back to her.

As he rubs the oil in his hands, he hears her say how much she likes the scent. He remembers how special she finds a fly and matching cufflinks made of wood and is looking forward to surprise her later with these exceptional accessories. And even with the choice of his suit he will blow her away. It´s perfectly his style, but above all it is green, her favorite color.

Lost in thoughts he casts a last glance in the mirror and reaches for a glass Cognac. He almost didn´t notice the arrival of the car that he had chosen for this event. A vintage car she fell in love with when she was a teenager, today she only loves her groom even more.

He is authentic and pure in heart, thus makes his future wife overjoyed. His attentive gestures and meaningful signs are based on deep feelings. He loves her, there is no doubt about it…

Do you love being surprised as much as we do? With this fantastic shoot Gella and Timo of what a youful picture did that anyway. This shabby loft, these masculine details, this affectionate story – we are totally overwhelmed.

We think it´s great to see somebody attended to this particular theme and created special highlights like the exclusive wood accessories from BeWooden.

Now we know: even men want to look stunning on their wedding day and with the images shot by what a youful picture we get an idea on how it´s done…



PHOTOGRAPHY: what a youful picture by gella & timo
ANZUG: Wilvorst
BARTUTENSILIEN: Brooklyn Soap Company
AUTO: Hochzeitsauto NRW




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