Oh wildly growing tree, you are like the insides of my soul. You wild growing flower I want to follow you knowing it won´t be easy. But does it have to be easy?

Enchanted paths lead one thought to the next, never foreseeable, never following the heart´s same beat. You ranking weeds carried by blossoms, by white and purple ones, following the darkness and abundance of moss, deeper into the forest, into the worlds a person never invaded before.

My skin is slightly wetted and pale. There´s not enough space for a thousand suns to shine on. I´m wearing a dress made of floral lace, almost like a negligée, an invitation to the chambers of my heart. The golden edge of the plate is my sole silver lining. The letter´s brown leather seems like an eternal promise.

Now it is you and me who overcome the weeds to take a seat at the same table, far away from everyone who close their minds to us. Here we say yes to everything.

The white of the cake and the dress meet a deeply red lipstick. You are holding the light of life in your hands. Holding on to your cape of tulle. You want to take a seat on a forlorn chair standing firmly on the ground. On the ground everything grows from what needs and wants to grow. I´m ready. More than ever before.

We will never find the answers we hope to get. Yet here among the shades of the trees we think of the most beautiful questions. I´m hoping and waiting for you.

Fascinated by the talented team around Michael Dyment of The Barefoot Stylist and their creativity we behold the magical pictures shot by Destiny Dawn Photography, which take us right into a world full of fantasy and poetry.

Translation:  Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY + ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Destiny Dawn Photography CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Michael Dyment – The Barefoot Stylist GOWN: Claire Pettibone HEAD ADORNMENTS: Elya Marie Accessoires FLORALS: Melanie Gore-Ripa – Lush Florals CAKES: Sharleen Walton – Sweet Celebrations Wedding Cakes SET: Warehouse 84 STATIONERY: Olga Loeffen – Defining Moments Stationery HAIR: Dolce Divas MAKE-UP: Sadie Ann Novac & Shay Styles MODELS: Alayna Kellett + Sarah Nicole Amertine