Happiness of Love in the sand dunes of Utah


The wind gently draws its tracks in the sand. Barefoot, Heidi and Carson dance across the soft dunes of Utah toward a shared future.
In the shelter of the gentle sand hills, deep glances are exchanged, intimate closeness and sincere affection are sought, and the hands of time are stopped for a moment.

Tenderly he holds her face with both hands to seal their engagement with a gentle kiss. At his side the sand feels even more tender, with her together every sunset becomes even more beautiful.

In the romantic glow of the sun, a promise is made. Loving gestures and blissful eyes reveal more than 1,000 words. Like many emotional moments in life, the engagement is a unique, irretrievable experience.

The unforgettable day culminates in a walk across the breathtakingly beautiful salt marshes.

Isabel Johansen has given this enchanting couple a beautiful gift to share: captivating images that have impressively captured their happiness, love and intimacy.




Dress: Matteau
Film Lab: The Find Lab

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