heartwarming paris Elopement 


The fog shrouds the roofs of the city in mysterious silence. Here and there, bare treetops grab hold of the wafts of mist. The lanterns have been extinguished but the sun has not yet risen. Paris seems deep in a beauty sleep and there is not a soul around. Almost imperceptibly, the Seine alone follows its purpose, lovingly taking each raindrop along with it.

Behind the historic facades, a different image is offered. The windows and doors are wide open to greet the new day. There is sumptuous wine to toast it. An aromatic sea of roses provides the appropriate adornment. A symphony of flickering candles makes it shine brightly.

We think of Paris and before our inner eye, the city of love, the metropolis of art and the residence of elegance appears. But it is true love that is uniting all of the above beneath one historic roof today. When the white muse of art exchanges vows with elegance personified in black.

Outside, the spring rain leaves behind its traces. It smudges ink and washes out colours. But it would never dare to wipe out the message in calligraphy that carries all too important news: Chriselle and Clement have taken the leap, without guests, without witnesses. But they did so in a city that is theirs alone. Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre palace – places normally swarming with tourists are now entirely at the behest of the bride and groom.

As is required for an elopement, we now leave the lovers and their city alone. The goodbye is sweetened by diving in the stunning pictures by Lara Lam.




BRIDAL SHOES ‘Rockstud’ by Valentino 
HAIR & MAKE-UP Anais Ferraguti 
LINGERIE Lavienne 
CALLIGRAPHY Seniman Calligraphy 
SILK RIBBON Silk & Willow 
FILM LAB Photovision