Heavenly Bridal Inspirations with antique charm


The grace of a Greek goddess, a touch of Mediterranean flair and a pinch of antique charm are the main features for these heavenly light bridal inspirations captured by photographer Beatrice of Luna de Mare.

While the signs of the time gnaw unstoppably at the facades of former important buildings, a bride shines in their midst with timeless beauty. Like an angle she hovers through the streets in her stunning Gossamer Robe to share her glamour with them.

It is difficult for nature to survive under the oppressive sun. With her flowering bridal bouquet by Lavenders Flowers she gives back courage and hope for opulence and colorfulness.

The bride herself places all her hopes in the future, as elaborately calligraphed paper goods by The Little North Sea Studio reveal. Envelopes as blue as heaven are holding cards as white as its clouds proclaiming a joyous message.

Obviously effortlessly the event stylists of Chloe & Mint created a perfectly harmonic setting styled to the smallest detail to showcase the visions of an invincible bride.

Photographer Beatrice from Luna de Mare was part of the high-caliber team and eternalized this overwhleming result on impressive pictures for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Luna de Mare Photography 
STYLIST / PLANNER: Chloe & Mint 
FLORAL DESIGNER: Lavenders Flowers 
DRESS DESIGNER: Shop Gossamer 
VENUE: Mission San Juan Capistrano 
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Chiali Meng 
RIBBON: Tono & Co 
CALLIGRAPHY: The Little North Sea Studio 
MODEL: Bridgette L. Miller via Osbrink Agency
FILM LAB: Photovision 




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