Hellen and Justin – Organic Engagement-Shoot


Lushly green grass as far as the eye can see, blending with a cloudless horizon in the distance. Together they set the color frame for the set complemented by pure white and vivid red.

We almost overlooked the lovingly decorated table for two. In colors and materials it becomes one with nature, blending harmonically in bushes and trees. Holding delicacies and stationery ready which presage what´s about to happen…

We sense correctly and watch bride and groom among themselves: „This shoot focusses on that moment when you fall in love and you just want to spend every second together, shutting the world out. Time stands still, the world around you doesn’t matter; you only have eyes for each other.“ photographer Anouschka Rokebrand explained to us.

Event designer Susanne Hyams of RedWhiteBluePink was in charge of a harmonic concept, the perfect styling and the gorgeous bridal bouquet. She told us: „For the location and styling I chose a natural environment and materials. Materials of wood & linen with the reed brings all the textures beautifully together.“

With this shoot the two artists proofed their sense for style and aesthetics but also showed impressively you don´t necessarily need to have professional models in front of the camera: „With a stunning gown and veil by one of my favorites  SIBO Designs, this shoot was a dream to photograph. Hellen and Justin are not models, they are a real couple tying the knot next year. What a great way to have your engagement photos done in such amazing outfits and with such beautiful styling.“

We are deeply impressed by the atmospheric photographs by Anouschka Rokebrand and can´t wait to descend into her beautiful world of pictures with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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WEDDING DRESS + VEIL: Sheila Bobeldijk, Sibo Designs
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Rebecca Rockliffe
SUIT: Gallery Tailors
STATIONERY: Francien van de Broek, The Sparkle Company
RIBBONS: Silk & Willow
MODELS: Hellen und Justin


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