Historical atmosphere and refined details


When fine art, expressive images, artistic creativity and stylish inspirations unfold into a magical symbiosis, it is a feast for our senses.  What an experience to be seduced by so much sensuality and to dive into a world of art and beauty.

Photographer Francesca Angrisano, stylist Cristina Firotto and a creative team designed this diverse editorial.

From Francesca: „First of all, the inspiration for my project came from my passion for the magic of past centuries, in this case early ‘900, with its enchanted atmospheres, sophisticated decors, and elegant colours. 

I managed to involve colleagues and brands that I was confident would be correctly interpreting the poetic, feminine and sophisticated mood of this shooting, also with a view to the enhancement and promotion of the superb quality of Italian products mainly intended for the European luxury market.

No location would have served the purpose better than the Hotel Locarno in Rome, dating back to 1925, with its glorious, still intact Art Nouveau interior design. The hotel became famous for a poster, which is now their logo, designed by the well known silent-film illustrator Anselmo Ballester. The Locarno is the treasure-chest of long time secrets; during the Dolce Vita it was one of Fellini’s favourites, and the place-to-be in Rome for Borges, Basquiat and many others. www.hotellocarno/com/en/history

For the shooting I chose one of its fabulous suites, and we created a fantastic boudoir in a richly decorated bathroom. 

Anna Fucàs incredible hands finely embroidered the gown, meant for a gracefully sophisticated bride: Please note the cuffs, especially designed for the occasion. Also to be noted: Hairdo and makeup by Halya Ilardi ; Le Mastro  shoes, a symbol of Italian quality and style; Madlen ceramics, a sample of Italian tradition, are a product of Cristina Firottos’s taste; 

Nanou’s hand made jewels, precious for their stones and artesanal craftsmanship, are unique pieces of great visutal and emotional impact; Chiara Mada’s  graphics, in perfect tune with the Art Nouveau floreal patterns of the hotel. The fine natural-dyed Fati Amor Como silk, designed by Sara Lou, chosen for their natural colour, intangigle lightness and pure elegance. Officina mobile  pieces as a valuable addition to the setting, and the wonderful flowers by Nina e i Fiori i were the ideal match to the chosen palette. 

Every single element was the ideal contribution to a project I immensly cared for, an “all women” effort embellished by the interpretation of Catherine Cabo as a delicate, sensitive bride, also symbolizing Italian quality and style.

Cristina Firotto was in charge of styling and was of great help in to me in the search and organization of all the stages of this project. She was also crucial in the coordination of our precious suppliers.“

The expressive pictures of Francesca Angrisano are a real experience and perfect this unique concept.




Photography: Francesca Angrisano
Creative Designer: Cristina Firotto
Silk: Sara Lou design
Bridal dress: Anna Fucà 
Floral design: Nina e i fiori 
Ceramics: Madlen Ceramics 
Calligraphy: Chiara Mada 
Hair and Make-up: Halya Ilardi 
Model: Catherine Cabo
Jewelry: Nanou 
Shoes: Le Mastro 
Location: Hotel Locarno  
Decoration: Officina mobile 

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