When fine art, fascinating photos, artistic creativity and stylish inspiration unfold into a magic symbiosis, this is a feast for my senses.

What an experience it is to let yourself be seduced by expressive pictures and dive into a world of art and beauty.

I would like to share this passion with you in this Fine Art Wedding Edition VOW (in German and English Language).

Let yourselves be inspired in our VOW-Magazine by heavenly weddings, captivated by stunning styled shoots, enchanted by the skill of the photographers and excited by the fascinating selection of locations.

Lose yourself in the perfume of gorgeous flowers, fall in love with atmospheric lighting, dive into the nuances of radiant colors and revel in decorations in their love of detail.

Wonderful worlds of pictures with an artistic approach await you, photographed by the best of the best from the world of fine art weddings.

Enjoy your time preparing for your big day, try to consciously experience every moment – throw yourself and your guests an unforgettable celebration in which you listen to your heart and let your personality flow into the design.

I wish all future brides and grooms a journey to your wedding surrounded by love and affection and the sublime wedding you have always dreamed of!

I will be thrilled if I can excite you with my VOW-Magazine and accompany you as a source of inspiration.

Shop here our VOW-Magazine and enjoy it!

Many thanks to Melanie Nedelko for the fantastic pictures!



vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0001 vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0001a vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0002 vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0004 vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0005vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0010 vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0009 vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0006a vow-magazine-issue-1-2015_0007© Melanie Nedelko


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