Honeymoon aT Malibu Rocky Oak Estate


High up, in the mountains of California, the day after begins for a newlywed couple. The day after their elegant wedding, the day after all the stressful weeks before.

Erin and Nick start into their marriage with togetherness, hidden under morning fog, that slowly reveals the exclusive Malibu Rocky Oak Estate. However, what we already suspect: it is stylish, luxurious and glamorous just like the two of them.

Together they explore the house, enjoy every moment in the here and now. And yet, with every step, a touch of nostalgia follows them reflected in their style and details. Erin and Nick combine the splendor of bygone eras with the glamor of honeymoon…

„I cannot express how stunningly this shoot was thought out and styled by Joy Proctor at the most appealing venue in California.“ photographer Alice Ahn raves about this venue.

And the past shows: where there is Joy Proctor, there´s also photographer Donny Zavala not far away. These grandiose inspirations originated on one of his sought after workshops in which artists from all over the world, such as Alice Ahn, participate.

„I personally had so many awe moments seeing the greatness of the view from Malibu Rocky Oak Estate.” Alice told us.

The fog clears and releases the unique view. Perfect for some private souvenir photos with the antique camera…

Not so private and certainly not antique are the souvenir pictures shot by Alice Ahn, who will remember this one-of-a-kind experience for a long time, even without these fascinating reminders. Nevertheless, we are overjoyed she shares her fantastic images with us.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Alice Ahn Photography
WORKSHOP: Donny Zavala Photography
DESIGN: Joy Proctor Design
VENUE: Malibu Rocky Oaks
CLOTHING: XtabayVintage
HAT: Joy Proctor Design
MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Nyrie Beauty
MODELS: Erin and Nicholas  with MSA-Models
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints




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