Hope and Beauty


In these difficult times of the pandemic, photographer Maria Yaskevich of Duet Friday dedicated herself to the theme of hope and beauty.

Simple forms, clear lines, conciseness, minimalism in the décor and white color served as the basis for this impressive photoshoot.

Thoughts of Palina Gaitsukevich owner Bloomy Studio: “We humans are a white sheet, and we write our own story. And he can be absolutely anything. The time of the pandemic will pass and only notes in history will remain, but we must think not only about ourselves, but also about our future. I wanted to tell this story through natural beauty and natural textures. Use a lot of air and light and that is why white was taken as the basis.”

Maria Yaskevich von Duet Friday told: “The inspiration for this shoot was the faith and hope that we will go through all the difficulties. Hope for a wonderful future and confidence that we can write a new story from a clean, white sheet.

We decided to make white color the main color of the shooting. White color symbolizes hope, purity and lightness. Model Kate a girl with pure beauty and great charm.
We chose a venue White House with white walls, flowering white branches of cherry so that no color detail would distract from the purity and natural beauty of the girl.

A simple, light silk dress from Unona was chosen to emphasize beautiful movements and create a feeling of lightness.
One of the main details was a protective mask made of flowers as a symbol that the time will come and we will be able to breathe safe air filled with the aroma of flowers.

 It was important for me to take a shot close up foot of the girl who was coming into the light. The silk dress gently hugs and flows over her legs. The light ahead illuminates the path. This is a symbol of that. That one day we can all go out into the light of the room. Not fearing, but just enjoying the warmth and clean air.
In each frame, I wanted to show the lightness and beauty of femininity and spring. A lot of playful movement and looks.”

Impressed by the idea and the implementation, we now glide into a positive future with the poetic images of Duet Friday.



Photographer: Duet Friday 
Florals and Decor: Bloomy Studio
Hair and Make-up: Ksenia Tyrsikova
Wedding dress: Unona
Venue: White House
Model: Katerina Lyutova






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