How to design the most beautiful boho style wedding card



A bridal bouquet with lush wildflowers, a beautiful fluttering dress with lots of lace, relaxed atmosphere: a boho wedding is the trend at the moment. Of course, a trendy bohemian wedding card goes with it. We’ll tell you where you can create them!

Your search begins on the website, where you’ll find hundreds of wedding invitations in all sorts of styles. The beauty of this site is that you can fully customize all the designs created by professional designers to match your style or the theme of your wedding. There is also the possibility to design a blank card yourself.




Natural colors

What are the features of a boho style wedding invitation? First of all, you can think of a soft color palette with natural colors like rusty brown, olive green, salmon pink or greenish gray. So, once you find a suitable card in the large collection, you can easily match the colors on the card to the shade you prefer. A graceful font should not be missing either. At you can choose from dozens of fonts. For example, the Signature Collection or Alison Script fonts go especially well with a boho card. Need help creating your map? Then the customer service is easily reachable via Whatsapp, phone or email.



Kraft paper or real wood

At you will find a wide selection of cards printed on real kraft paper. Kraft paper is ideal for a boho wedding card, in our opinion. Quite original are the wedding invitations on real birch wood. The kraft paper and wood materials give your card a natural, unique look that fits perfectly with the atmosphere of a boho wedding. If you wish, you can have almost any design on the website converted to kraft paper or wood.



Wedding cards with flowers

Also check out the collection wedding invitations with flowers. In combination with a white background and text in one of the delicate natural colors described above, a beautiful wedding card is created in no time. You can even add a classy foil stamping or rounded corners to your card. If you like, decorate the wedding invitation at the end with delicate lace ribbons and real dried flowers. This will make your invitation truly personalized. An eye-catching envelope, for example in sand color or with gold inlay, makes your card perfect.

Finally, we would like to point out the entire Bohemian Flowers style wedding invitations collection that can be found on PrettyOrange. It’s not for nothing that boho is currently one of the most popular wedding styles.



A real gift: decorate your envelope

To complete your wedding invitation, put it in a beautiful envelope. This can be an envelope in a color that matches your wedding card and is completely boho, such as rust brown or olive green, but a kraft paper envelope also pairs well with boho style cards. Pretty Orange also sells special envelopes, such as those with gold inlay. How about a sand colored envelope with gold inlay? Especially cool: For some Bohemian cards, envelopes are also available that are designed entirely in the style of the wedding card. You can make the envelope a real present by sealing it with a seal sticker – you can also have this printed in the style of your card, for example with your initials on it.




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