Ice fields and colorful blossoms in the Pennine Alps


Mighty mountain formations, fascinating ice fields and colorful blossoms in the Valais Alps make our hearts beat faster today.

The Swiss photographer couple Maïlys and Greg from Maïlys Fortune Photography, together with the florists from Lilas et Rose e and a dedicated team, were inspired by this magical backdrop for this breathtaking elopement shoot.  We marvel at the creativity and diversity of ideas with which the wedding world faces the theme of pandemic and a new and exciting approach emerges.

From Maïlys and Greg von Maïlys Fortune Photography: “This microwedding inspiration arrived after some careful thought and consideration of the events taking place in the wedding world during 2020. As destination wedding photographers we were astonished to see how many couples decided to amend their plans for 2021 grander nuptials and embrace the idea of more intimate I do’s. With regards to requests for elopements & microweddings in Switzerland and the French Alps from couples who seek out inspiration on gorgeous photogenic, lesser-known locations, we instantly got our little gray cells working.

We sided with Lilas et Rose to create something that would both inspire and endear couples who wish to have micro-vows that are macro on style!
We set out for a unique location that has the power to immerse any couple in magical alone together vibes, and the canton of Valais offered just the right kind of dreamy post, a little secret if you like among locals and unprecedented-vista lovers, the enchanting Mont Miné Glacier.

Ensconced in upper Val d’Hérens, the Mont Miné Glacier looks like a page straight out of a fairytale. To reach it, one gets to travel through villages filled with traditional Valais Mazots, wooden chalets, and fascinating earth formations called the “Euseigne Pyramides”, only to discover a magical Wes Anderson kind of scenery with cascading waterfalls corseted by larches and a glacier that trickles right in its heart.
Totally enamored with the palettes of icy blues, glacier chunk whites, and larch tree greens around us, Olga from Lilas & Rose created a symbolic ceremony with minimalist ghost seating so as to offer unhindered views of the glacial rock formations and earth patterns around the couple. The floral vision was a cornucopia of punchy and bright blooms, caramel sweet peas and raspberry scabiosa, garden roses, like prince jardinier, cafe latte and caramel antike, combed with pears and touches of local greenery. It combed so perfectly with the captivating icefields surrounding the scene and looked pristine both around the crescent-shaped ceremony and the tablescape. A reception table was set in algific blue and white linens, argent cutlery, and gentle textures, all in unison with the silver veins of the glacier languidly melting in the backdrop, and a nod to the hues of the sleeted surroundings which turn oh-so inviting in autumn and spring. We loved how eloquently the colorations of the flowers stack up against the alpine crisp accents and luminosity and had tremendous fun shooting this inspiration with a gorgeous couple whose warmth and enthusiasm was so contagious.

If anything 2020 taught many couples, and photographers such as ourselves is to seek meaning, unconformity, and newness. Intentional vows that are all about having tremendous fun with those we heart most are now more relevant than ever!

Floral Design: Lilas et Rose
Men’s Attire: Dalbiondo
Makeup & Hair: Juliet Martin
Stationery: Bonjour Paper
Bridal accessories: Nea Milano
Ring box: Je Promis
Rentals: Options
Bridal Boutique: Belle en Blanc
Wedding Dress Designer: Anna Kara
Models: Raphaël Millius & Léa Aubry via Jana Hernette

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