Icy Blue Extravagance


Flower arrangements defy all constraints, in more ways than one. In elegant dark green and a gentle icy blue they go beyond the usual. And beyond the scope and quantity of what is common. Beyond the known in terms of effort and intricacy.

The bride thrones upon them as if on a pedestal, rests on them as on a fragrant bed of blossoms and remains sumptuously framed in their midst. There is always a touch of the dramatic here. And a clear desire for extravagance.

The world is turned on its head and stands still for a moment. Many things remind us of the past, but many more are new and modern. The bridal dresses seduce us with exceptional cuts and innovative details. They surprise with bold colour, sometimes hesitant and pale, sometimes confident and dramatic.

The penchant for perfection is noticeable from a distance; its perfect implementation is clear when we look more closely at the images. Pictures that fascinate with their colourfastness and place the aesthetic crown upon the motif in black-and-white. Stylishly assured and artfully captured by the fine art photographer Sue Neuenschwander.

We delve into modern bridal inspirations that break with taboos and cross boundaries. All within reasonable bounds, according to a floral design concept by the florist Tabea Maria-Lisa.

A complete work of art by Sue Neuenschwander and Tabea Maria-Lisa – two unmistakable artists who impressively prove their sense of aesthetics in this breathtaking styled shoot.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



MAKE-UP & HAIR Sinem Yavsaner
STYLING Sue Neuenschwander
DRESSES Gossamer, Marchesa, Valentino, Maria Lucia Hohan  
CAPE Gibson Bespoke
FILM LAB PhotoVision





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