Idyllic Morning Scene


Sun shines brighter, birds sing louder and flowers bloom more glorious than ever. As she opens her eyes she realizes, this is going to be a very special day.

She clings to her dressing gown and reaches for the most gorgeous flowers to enjoy every minute and every moment of this day with all her heart and soul.

The house is hers, she´s filling it with anticipation, love and confidence. Floating down the stairs and out of the door, to soak up energy and hope from the silence of the garden.

These wonderful pictures shot by Jake Anderson proof, how unbelievably calming it can be for a bride to enjoy the calm moments of a wedding day. Together with event stylist and florist Tiffany of Foraged Floral he created and captured those amazingly gentle bridal inspirations for us.

Natural make-up and open, curly hair showcase an authentic bride in the morning of her important day, lost in love letters and thoughts in preparation to what may come.

Embedded in untouched nature and a charming estate unique inspirations emerged which let time stand still for a moment to consider photographer Jake Anderson’s little artworks suitably…


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PHOTOGRAPHER:  Jake Anderson
VENUE: The Farm at Dover
FLORALS: Foraged Floral
CALLIGRAPHY: Layers of Loveliness
HAIR: Nika Vaughan
MAKE-UP: Simply Perfect Makeup Artists