Impressive Elopement Visions in the Desert of Joshua Tree



Mercilessly the sun burns over the merciless desert of Joshua Tree, relentlessly heating rocks and sand. Artistic formations of rugged rock and robust plants surround the aparte bride like an expensive frame a precious painting, a painting that tells of natural beauty and pure femininity.

Neither drought nor heat can diminish her grace. It seems as if nature takes her as a model, makes cacti blossom and bushes shine. Lovingly caressed by a ravishing silk wedding dress by Pronovias, her curves stand out clearly under the gossamer fabric, seducing, beguiling and enchanting the viewer.

With just a few tools, the wedding planners from transformed the Joshua Tree desert landscape in southeastern California into a blooming oasis of inspiration.

Blooming floral arrangements by The Little Fleur Co, intimate and unique table settings and chair designs, and gorgeous stationery by Grey and Cake in neutral tones were perfect accompaniments to a celebration in the desert.

Photographers Ether & Smith are a husband and wife team who specialize in poetic, ethereal and luminous photography. They document the poetry between soulmates in an elegant and timeless way. As is often the case, pictures are worth a thousand words – the stunning couple brought this breathtaking setting to life with their expressive photographs.




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