Indian Fine Art wedding-Inspirations


Sparkling rings, necklaces and hair jewelry presage her origin as we notice the bride in a sari.

Deep black hair falls softly over her shoulders, leading our eyes to her valuable dress. Beaded and embroidered with gold it reveals skin where you wouldn´t expect it.

Her groom´s likewise traditional in his typical Indian suit. On his side she´s looking for luck and love. Conventional and classic as one expects them to.

Yet it seams there are two hearts beating louder than ever in their chests – one of them traditionally Indian, the other westerly modern. Then they exchange their attire for suit and robe without hiding their culture.

The following pictures by Bonnie Sen show impressively how easy it can be to unite traditions and cultures of different countries or even generations. „As an American film photographer of Indian origin I often shoot both Indian and American weddings and saw potential for some crossover as a hybrid style. After I met with fashion stylist Nisha Kundani of Bridelan we came up with a vision of a Fine art Indian wedding, where else but in New York City?“ photographer Bonnie Sen told us about how the idea of the shoot emerged.

Of course the pulsating and multi-cultural metropolis New York was the perfect venue for the modern Indian wedding inspirations the two artists implemented. Don´t you think?

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Bonnie Sen Photography
STYLIST: Nisha Kundani, Bridelan
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Priyanka Babariya
WEDDING DRESS: Austin Scarlett
INDIAN SARI: Tarun Tahiliani
HAIR PIECE: Ra Abta Jewels
MODELS: Yesenia Linares & Mashad Sharyar


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