Indian Wedding Dream In Barcelona


It gets exotic, multicultural and colorful as we immerse ourselves in the unknown world of an Indian Destination Wedding in Barcelona.

We meet Jill and Niraj, a young couple with Indian roots, who recently celebrated their great love with fireworks of small exclusive events. A festival that was shaped by Indian traditions and relaxed through modern influences. A party that turned families into friends. A celebration that could become the story of rousing Bollywood movie…

The beautiful couple chose two locations for their extravagant ceremony: the impressive Castle de Sant Marcal and the no less imposing Cavas Codorniu winery, with their spectacular gardens, cellars and facades, as they provided the perfect background for every motif.

If you want to celebrate in unique venues like these, you need an equally unique wedding designer by your side. Jill and Niraj were well aware of that and hired our beloved and fantastic Ginny Au, who created unforgettable moments with her sense of aesthetics and fine art, focusing on Indian culture.

And if you know our blog, then you know: where there´s a Ginny Au, the international Fine Art photographer Erich McVey won´t be far away. Like it was this time. For this Bollywood mature wedding, he travelled to Spain and captured this colorful world with all its facets and details. Starting with the artful Mehndi, the bride´s beautiful body painting, to the traditional dresses and the precious family jewelry, without overlooking the many emotional moments that often pass unnoticed on days like these.

Erich McVey impresses us again and again with his sense for aesthetics and details, and even this incredible world of images is like magic.



Styling, Planning, & Production: Ginny Au
Photography: Erich McVey
Videography: CinemArt
Floral Design: Fabricio Giordano from Florestudio
Audio & Lighting: Marc Cunil
Tolsa from Atmosferas
Catering: Bollywood Restaurant and Catering Sensaciones
Hair & Makeup: Larisa Astahova and Igor Losada from Estilista Barcelona
Music: Ameet and Klaus from London Beats
Entertainment: PPC Events and Factor 3 Events
Video Mapping: Alberto Calahorro from Palnoise
Custom Illustrations & Art: Erin Petson
Paper Design: Kaela Rawson 
Paper Printing: Microprint

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