Industrialism meets Romanticism


Lexi Vornberg is an artist of fine arts who loves light colors and natural light. So much more exciting was this extraordinary shooting with a captivating mix of dark, industrial atmosphere and the tender, innocent bride for her.

From Lexi: This shoot was a collaboration between a handful of artists to feed our creativity and to produce something beautiful during our cold winter.

The inspiration for this shoot was found in the dark industrial side of Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). The west side of our city is filled with abandoned factories and falling brick structors that once were thriving in this city.

Its cold dark silhouette truly makes a soft young beauty in her white wedding dress seem all that more elegant and innocent.

The contrast we imagined for this shoot was to use the grungy old building to not only make the bride seem out of place, but to also make her stand out.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAHPY: Lexi Vornberg Photography
LOCATION: Old warehouse in Cincinnati
MAKE-UP: Kelly Ledford – Cincimakeup
HAIR: Colleen Herman – CoCo Creative Wellness
FLORALS: – Marti Heard – Marti’s Floral Designs
CALLIGRAPHY: The Weekend Type
ADORNMENT: – Lacielle Roselle
CAKE: Happy Chicks Bakery
RIBBON: – Froufrou Chic Ribbon
DRESS: from Twirl Boutique Lexington and is a Hayley Paige Blush Dress
MODEL: Brianna Vollman
FILM LAB: Film Box Lab
EQUIPMENT: Contax 645, Portra 400

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