Unforgettable First Look


With her blonde hair artfully pinned and her femininity wrapped in timeless elegance, a bride longs for an unforgettable first look with her sweetheart.  

Behind an ancient iron gate, we discover her groom, who is similarly excited to see his beautiful bride-to-be.  

With kiss on the hand he receives her like a gentleman of the old school, deeply moved and fuller humble, proud to walk with a woman like her to the altar.  

She´s also enchanted by her smart opposite and infinitely happy to share her life from now on…

„This airy shoot illustrates a couple’s final minutes before their ceremony with a light heart.“ the successful wedding stylists of Blue + Ivory told us. „The bride and groom meet for the first time that day, they can not believe their eyes because they have never seen each other like this before.“

Their inspirations were as feathery as the virgin charm of the historical building, the self-styled, graceful stationery and the pale colors that are united within a delightful bridal bouquet.  

Due to the bright brown of his suit, the groom also advanced to a true highlight, as he strolls the wonderful old town with his newly wedded wife.  

„They can not do anything else than hug and quietly enjoy each other’s company, revel in the silent but oh so monumental joy that they will soon be husband and wife.“ Kristina and Lena of Blue + Ivory explained the essence of their visions.

Fine Art Photographer Katja Scherle was the third talented lady in the league, whose job it was, to capture the visions of the two artists in her incomparable way.  

With great admiration for the sense of aesthetics of the entire team, we can´t wait to sink into the fabulous pictures of this session…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Katja Scherle
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Zuzanna Grabias Hair & Makeup
KLEID: Sarah Seven (Sophia Top + Utopia Skirt)
BRIDAL STORE: Hey Love Bridal
MODEL: Friedrike Asche









   Katja Scherle                              Blue + Ivory


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