Intimate Maternity Session


Love is a feeling that is difficult to describe in words. A power that makes the impossible possible. Love is invisible – until it creates new life. The moment when two hearts beat in one chest. One of them proud and strong, the other learning with each day.

A miracle that happens around the world without ever losing its uniqueness. A miracle that makes many happy but that not everyone celebrates right away. We travel to China, where a couple is submerged in their love and affection for each other. In anticipation of the imminent birth.

She adores him; he admires her. Carefully, he takes her in his arms, gently stroking her round belly with his hand. Her eyes shine with bliss; she is more beautiful than ever. A fragrant bath of blossoms is to relax her and their daughter after a stroll through hilly fields. Always together, never apart.

In the evening, their togetherness finds its completion. Stylish, elegant, all in black. She in a long, strapless dress that flatters her form without hiding anything. He in a modern single-breasted suit that makes him appear sophisticated and urbane.

The day that is over far too quickly now lies behind them, but many more lie ahead. What will distinguish them from each other are these precious pictures of Nastia Vesna. Pictures that will remind them of how much they love each other and which will one day show their daughter how much they were looking forward to her…





FILM LAB Carmencita Film Lab 
VENUE Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou and Naked Stables Hotel 



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