Intimate Elopement With A View Of Lake Como

An opulent house from the 16th Century right on the shore, extensive gardens for twosome walks and a glowing green mountain range, which seems to protectively surround this intimate elopement with a view of Lake Como, formed the cornerstones of this exceptional videography workshop by Sawa Photography and Igor Sazonov.

An exceptional workshop that Mila and Stephan, the two photographers from Vivid Symphony, recently took part at and witnessed the way the sky shed a few tears of emotion at the sight of so much romance and familiarity. Now they want to share their impressive pictures with us.

The morning of this couple´s intimate wedding begins comfortably and playfully. A few extra minutes of cuddling in bed, a cup of tea together and one or two loving gestures more than usual. After getting ready there follows an exciting first look, the sight of the other makes both hearts beat faster. He´s wearing a smart suit with a waistcoat and tie, she appeared in a wedding dress from Anastasia Sutyrina made of delicate lace, combined with a Mediterranean straw hat and let’s say comfortable shoes.

Together they explore the estate of the centuries-old Villa Balbiano until they come across the perfect place for their vows: in the background the facade of the historic manor house and the peaceful Lake Como at their feet. And the rest of the world seems miles away on the other side of the lake.

Only they know exactly what they promised each other – and the calligraphers from The Inspire Workshop, who devoted themselves to the graceful stationery for the day.

Even the great recordings of Vivid Symphony cannot reveal this secret, but they sweeten our day.


Photography: Vivid Symphony
Videography workshop, Concept, Organisation: Sawa Photography  & Igor Sazonov 
Location: Villa Balbiano 
Dress: Anastasia Sutyrina
MUAH: Lucy Oganisian
Calligraphy: The Inspire Workshop
Video: Olivia Delgas

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