Irina and Dimitri – Enchanting Wedding at Chateau de Bouelles



After a fairytale proposal that we showed you in our last post, Irina and Dimitry started planning their wedding. For this, they chose the beautiful Chateau de Bouelles in Northern France, where they had many unforgettable dates.

It was a small celebration full of emotions. Family and friends had come to France from both the USA and Russia.

The ceremony took place on the stairs of the chateau. It was very moving because Irina and Dmitry gave a very emotional speech. Dmitry made a promise to love Irina every day, to admire her beauty, her cleverness and her heart, and he will do everything so that together they will embrace every spot on the world map. And Irina gave a heart-touching speech dedicated to her fiancé: “Even when we parted and had to say goodbye dozens of times at the airport, I remembered your words that you will always stay here (points to her forehead) and here (puts a hand on her heart), and that gave me strength in the sad time without you.”

The bride’s shoes had a beautiful floral print and harmonized perfectly with her bouquet. The dress was inspired by the ballet Swan Lake, tailored with light and flared tulle.

The family surprised them with a dance that told the story of Irina and Dmitry’s relationship.

Zhenya Swan lets us share this romantic love story with her stunning images.



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