Irina and Dimitri – Love in Paris


We immediately fell in love with this adorable couple Irina and Dmitry. Irina is such a graceful and graceful beauty and it is an experience to accompany them on a day in Paris and Northern France and feel their love on every picture.

Photographer tells the touching love story of the two with her stunning photographic world.

Irina and Dmitry met as students at the university in their hometown Omsk in the Siberian region of Russia and very soon they were a happy couple.

But after some time Dmitry had to go to Paris to continue his studies. That was the beginning of their long-distance relationship: Irina visited Dmitry in Paris every three months until she was lucky enough to win a green card for the USA. After some hesitation, she jumped at the chance to move to New York to pursue her modeling career, and after a year of intense searching, Dmitry found a job in New York and they were finally able to live together.

By this time, Dmitry was already planning to propose to his sweetheart, and on one of Irina’s last visits to Paris, just before her move to New York, she was feeling very down about the impending separation.

On their departure day to New York, Dmitry took Irina to the airport and promised to join her soon for good. At the same time, he secretly booked the same flight and asked at the check-in desk to arrange their seats very far from each other so that Irina would not notice that he was boarding the same plane. The plan worked brilliantly – when she arrived in New York, she found her driver in the crowd to take her to the apartment. In fact, the driver was already part of the plan and took Irina to the Brooklyn Bridge, where Dimitry was already waiting for her. Exhausted after several hours of flying, Irina didn’t notice that the car was going in a different direction and was amazed when she saw Dmitry, who smilingly took her hand and led her to the middle of the bridge. She was stunned and could not believe her eyes when Dmitry knelt down in front of her and asked her the question that every girl dreams of.

Before the wedding day, Irina and Dmitry had a stunning photo shoot at their apartment in the city of Rouen, a romantic walk in the streets of the old town, breathing in the atmosphere of the venerable times when Claude Monet and Gustave Flaubert walked the cobblestones. Later, they made their way to dreamy Etretat, where they looked like characters from the book Wuthering Heights.

You can marvel at the wedding of the dream couple in the next post.




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