A little path leads us across lush meadows passing moss-covered rocks and blooming bushes in shades of yellow and pink. Full of hope the bride follows the fateful journey without knowing how or where it ends.

This journey takes her into a forgotten world. If future wasn´t the reason of her being here, you might think she traveled into the past. Into the time of lords and knights, of damsels and jesters.

She reaches a wild and untouched ruin, history-charged yet open to the presence. Somehow dreamy and romantic, truly unique and naturally beautiful. Just like the bride tying the knot here today…

„This simple bridal inspiration shoot set in Ireland has a romantic wistfulness about it and I think you will love seeing some of the Emerald Isle’s wild beauty.“ photographer Jen of As Ever Photography raves about her second home Ireland.

With a wildly appearing bridal bouquet by Blooming Amazing Flower Company, stationery reminiscent of mediaeval times by Pop Calligraphy and a bridal dress in proper style with long leaves of lace and a floor-length veil by Natalie Wynn Design the artist aroused this magical place from sleep and brought it to the here and now.

„I love the juxtaposition of the roughness of the ancient castle ruins with the delicate beauty of the flowers, the flutter of the fabric, and the whisper of the veil.“ Jen told us.  

We are deeply impressed by the ruin´s aura, the colors of nature and the aesthetic pictures shot by As Ever Photography. Simply beautiful!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0001 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0002 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0003 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0004 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0005 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0006 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0007 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0008 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0009 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0010 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0011 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0012 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0013 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0013a irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0014 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0017 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0018 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0019 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0020 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0021 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0022 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0023 irland-braut-brautstrauss-verlobungsring-natur_0024


PHOTOGRAPHY: As Ever Photography
BOUQUET: Blooming Amazing Flower Company 
RING: Fernweh Jewels 
CALLIGRAPHY: Pop Calligraphy 
DRESS: Natalie Wynn Design 
VEIL: Danani
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Amy Sleator Makeup 
MODEL: Ashling Brady
FILM LAB: Alpine Film Lab



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