Irish Bridal Inspirations


As if we were dreaming, a mystical fog obscures our view, the view of the Irish bridal inspirations created by photo artist Kellē Sauer.  

Gradually, the clouds reveal a beauty that can no longer be hidden: lush grass, curly red hair and a pure white dress.

It was event stylist Lacy Geary’s job to compose a dreamlike symphony out of these colors to lead us mentally to this magical place in Ireland.

While the sounds of a bagpipe fade away in our heads we find ourselves in front of a lovely picture book cottage, the RiverOaks Charleston.  

Surrounded by foliage and centuries-old trees, its wide-open shutters invite us to enter and meet the bride.

It seems like she just woke up from deep sleep, as she hopefully looks out of the ivy-covered window into her future.  

A beautiful Carol Hannah bridal dress slides down her silhouette, clinging to her with every step she takes as she curiously explores her kingdom.

For now, it´s the fascinating bridal bouquet of Forage, A Botanical Experience that accompanies her on the way. However, soon the worshipers will stand queuing…

With this amazing styled shoot Kellē Sauer once again succeeded in creating an extraordinary masterpiece. Proudly she lets us be part of this project as she takes us to a far and foreign Ireland with her fantastic pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




STYLIST: Lacy Geary
LOCATION: RiverOaks Charleston
GOWN: Carol Hannah
ROBE: Twigs & Honey
FLORALS: Forage, A Botanical Experience
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Wild Ivory Beauty
MODEL: Molly Rhyne


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