Italian Engagement Shoot


Who of you doesn´t love the perfect Sunday morning: squint blearily against the bright sun and spending the first moments of the day cozily in bed…

Step by step you make it to the bathroom, slipping into comfortable clothes to go spending your midmorning outside.

If you´re looking for closeness you´ll always find a way. Run your fingers through his smooth hair or stroking her soft face with your hand. Giving her full lips a soft kiss or looking into his dark eyes. Laying your head onto his shoulder or let him give you a piggyback ride.

Hand in hand, arm in arm or head to head – if you feel love you feel it in every little inconspicuous touch. And the lonelier and quieter the moment the more intense the feeling.

That´s exactly what photographer Nastia Vesna captured at this adorable engagement shoot in Italy. The pictures she shares here with us are expressive, spectacular and palpably passionate…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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Photography workshop by Nastia Vesna | Veneto from OatStudio on Vimeo.


WORKSHOP: Nastia Vesna – Italy, Veneto 
DECOR + FLORIST: Evgeniya Dragun 
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Kseniya Tyrsikova 
DRESS: Olga Novik 
LINGERIE: Elvira Basko  
MODELS:  Tatiana Ryneiskaya, Filippo Bonomo 
VIDEOGRAPHY: Anna Sidorchik



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