Ivory Isle bridal salon in Vienna – a feel-good oasis for all brides



Today we would like to recommend the bridal salon Ivory Isle in Vienna.

We invited the owner Jessica Lopez for an interview and are happy to present you this charming studio with its lovingly selected wedding dresses by international designers.

Jessica wants her salon to be an island where her brides feel comfortable and well taken care of in the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations. We love the unique style of Jessica’s selection, away from the mainstream and princess look.

You can try all the dresses shown here on Jessica from Ivory Isle.

Dear Jessica can you tell a little bit about yourself?

Dear Susanne – very gladly I can tell something about myself. I am the runt of the family and grew up in Burgenland. Quite early I learned about sewing and tailoring through my mother. At that time still with cuts from the magazine “Burda” which were often also a few decades older than me. My mom had bought a sewing machine from her first salary and I learned to sew on this “Pfaff”. This enabled me to enter the fashion school of the city of Vienna – Hetzendorf – later on. Strange environments or things I don’t know yet have rarely stopped me, and when I myself – at the age of 13 – decided to go to fashion school in Vienna, I made it happen.

This can be seen as a big step, even if the distance between Vienna and Burgenland is not huge. Mentally, though, it was a big step. Leaving the safe path of high school, which both of my siblings had already gone, and leaving their parents’ house and turning to their own creativity…not many schoolmates did that.

One of my strengths is finding solutions. If something doesn’t work or seems impossible, I think or work on it until I have a solution that fits just right.

What is especially important to me in life: honesty and transparency. All partnerships are based on this. That’s what my friendships are based on, that’s what my business is based on.



How did you discover your love for bridal fashion?

I worked in the theater business for nine years after school and during my studies. Backstage, there is almost always stress, time pressure and nervousness, but also joy, community and familiarity. In those nine years I’ve had so much to do with costume, I’ve seen people putting on masks and people wearing masks all the time. I have met, accompanied and supported so many kinds of people.

Such a bond as in a theater company is very rare, but it happens when people get married. It’s like a first. It takes a similar course. At first it’s a dream, then step by step it becomes real, and eventually the big day is there that everyone has been working towards.

I want to ALWAYS be a part of this path. I always want to spend some time with the bride in my Ivory Isle studio supporting – giving tips – being there and then releasing her into her big day. It really is the most beautiful job in the world. And that is the most beautiful praise in the world. And it’s the same feeling as when you hear people clapping behind the curtain. It’s unique and wonderful and you were part of it.



What can a bride expect in your studio?

Quality instead of quantity. Ivory Isle is a cozy little studio with a beautiful and large dressing room. We do not have mass production. We always book two hours for each bride and you have the store all to yourself for those two hours. The consultation is at eye level. First, the bride chooses her favorite models, and then we advise during the fitting – come up with suggestions or accessories – and complete the picture.

I would like to give a good tip here: Be sure to check out our website beforehand! Our style is unique and princess dresses you look in vain with us!



How do you choose the designers and the models?

Our models and designers undergo a strict selection. Material and quality in cut are extremely important. We are constantly on the lookout for new trends – always on the ball.

Each designer has his own story with us. Before we decide on a new designer, a few things need to be clarified. We collect as much information about the designer as we can. We get in touch with the team and ask them questions. If we think from the photos, the research and the contact that the designer suits us, then the collection must be examined in reality.

A tip: Never decide on the basis of photos whether you buy something or not. ALWAYS watch in reality. Materials are the be-all and end-all of whether you can wear a dress for a long time or feel uncomfortable. You can’t see them in a photo. The cut of a dress can look perfect on a model but be completely different in reality. Come to Ivory Isle and try on the dresses!



Do you see a trend in bridal fashion?

A trend? There are so many trends. Paris is different from Spain, Europe is different from the U.S., and New Zealand and Australia are super exciting right now. We follow many trends. Not everything that is shown will reach the Austrian market by a long shot. For example, cowboy boots with wedding dresses. Personally, I’m totally excited about this, but I know it’s hard to implement in the vineyard.

To speak more generally – the trend reversal from huge tulle skirts and princess dresses to simpler models with delicate lace and slimmer silhouettes is almost complete. The path goes further and further in the direction of being feminine and adult at the same time. As I always say, “Princess dresses are a girl’s dream – however, my customers are grown women and they want to be sexy, too.”

Our models go one step further. They are sexy and also show the wild side of the woman, the casual, the daring. If you don’t see yourself as a little girl anymore, you’ve come to the right place!



When is the right time to choose the wedding dress?

If you want to limit the stress before the wedding, then definitely start looking 8-10 months before. Now that sounds like a really big deal….aaaaabut! Please keep in mind that there are only 4 Saturdays in a month. Most clients can only come on Saturdays and it is often the case that we are booked up well in advance.

So if you want to go to three stores, it usually doesn’t work out on a Saturday. This means that you may have to book the appointments spread over a month. Many dresses have a delivery time of 6 months! Adjustments also need to be factored in, and maybe you want the dress fixed two weeks before the wedding…even vacations need to be considered or holidays.

So in short, start 8 to 10 months before and definitely order 6 months before.



What do you recommend brides do before they make an appointment at your bridal salon?

In any case, book the appointment with us in time! Check the Ivory Isle homepage carefully – we have all the dresses on the website!

Also important: take a picture of your wedding ceremony. Look at the place and imagine how you want it to look. And of course, a wedding date should already be fixed.

For the fitting itself: Choose a maximum of three good friends and take them to the fitting. (the more opinions the harder to choose the dress) Absolutely on the day of the fitting: wear skin-colored underwear. Keep an open mind and look forward to a nice and relaxing appointment with us!




If you had one wish what would you wish for?

This was by far the most difficult question. But you’re never really without a wish. I would like to see more weddings on the beach. Even if it is the Danube bank. Even if it is Lake Neusiedl. A beach wedding is just wonderful and it needs to be said much more often!!!


Thank you dear Jessica for taking the time to answer our questions. We love your studio and wish you continued success!


Photos: Konstantin Mikulitsch Photography, Sophie Häusler Photography, label.herzflimmern

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