Je t’aime in Paris


Paris, city of love. A pulsating metropolis that resembles the rhythm of this couple´s heartbeat, beating excitedly with romance.

Faster and faster, full of anticipation for this special day. Looking out of the window, letting eyes run over countless art nouveau roofs, lingering at the Eiffel Tower for a moment. Where else could one celebrate love better than here?

That´s what photographer  Leonie Cappello asked herself and captured true love with a whiff of boudoir on her camera. French romance always begins with sensual lace lingerie. And this is how this bridal couple begins their day, too.

The bride stands by the window wearing tempting lingerie when the morning sun softly strokes her shoulder. Suddenly a kiss on her neck. It´s from her groom, always on her side, from the beginning to the wedding. The air fills with the scent of gorgeous flower arrangements in shades of pink.

Forerunner of the ceremony giving first opulent hints to the wedding style. Candles flicker here and there complemented by nostalgic romance in the form of ancient furniture and a French balcony. And in the thick of it: the bride. In a dream of light tulle, black lace and last but not least in a loose fitting bridal gown by Victoria Rüsche. A natural bridal look with French attitude – her red lips, the loose hair styled by Anaïs Ferraguti and an adorable head piece by  La Chia.

It doesn’t need more to stroll along the streets of Paris. Towards marriage. With several stopovers the city invites them to. What an urban love adventure with happy end!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Leonie Cappello
BRAUTKLEID DESIGNER: Theia Couture von Victoria Rüsche
FLORISTIK: Akiko Yamada Kovacs – Floraison Paris
PAPETERIE: Nicnillas Ink 
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Anaïs Ferraguti
LINGERIE: Mes petites dentelles 
MODELS: Laurienne & Karim Camara



victoriaruesche-klein lachia-kleinneu







   Victoria Rüsche                       La Chia Headpieces


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