Joe and Laura – autumnal romantic

It was a cozy day in November at the Kilshane House in Tipperary, Ireland, when Sona of Inspired by Love pointed her camera at the loving couple Joe and Laura.

She couldn´t have caught this wonderful autumnal romantic any better on pictures. Joe and Laura look naturally beautiful and perfectly happy together and even the colorful leaves don’t glare as much as they do. A walk through the forest, laughing and fooling around with each other, just being who they are and enjoy the moment…

Lauras red coat is a pretty color-effect among this autumnal scenery.
Soon Joe and Laura will be getting married, and Sona already is looking forward to joining them on their big day.

It´s a lot of fun to dive into this impressive and harmonic images that Sona of Inspired by love created here for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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