Kathrin and Olli – Sweet love in the Zillertal


Do you want to get on a little trip into the Zillertal in Tyrol with us today?

These fantastic pictures of Kathrin and Olli originated on the area of a saw mill.

Together with their two sons and dressed up in beautiful traditional costumes designed by the Tiroler Adlerin the happy couple obviously enjoyed posing between the stacks of wood and all the construction maschines.

Exclusively for this shooting Kathrin got a lovely green custom made bridal bouquet with a little white heart in the middle. Isn´t it adorable?!

But the absolute highlight was a rust-colored rehashed VW-Beetle decorated with flowers all over. Didn´t it look exciting?!

The oh so talented photographer Christian Hohlrieder attended them and impresses us now with his breathtaking pictures which let us dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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kathrin olli engagement019kathrin olli engagement020kathrin olli engagement021

© Atelier Hohlrieder



christian hohlrieder-klein

   Atelier Hohlrieder



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